About us

Welcome to BabyTube, where we strive to provide children in Bangladesh with a safe and healthy video sharing platform. Our mission is to give kids access to age-appropriate content that not only entertains but also educates and inspires. Our platform is free from violence, harmful messages, and any kind of inappropriate content.

We understand the importance of keeping children safe online, that's why we have implemented strict content guidelines and moderation policies to ensure that all videos on our platform are appropriate for kids. Our team of experienced moderators reviews every video before it is made available to our users.

In addition to providing safe and healthy content, BabyTube also aims to be a platform for learning and growth. Our collection of videos includes educational content such as nursery rhymes, children's songs, interactive learning activities and more, designed to help children develop important skills such as language, math, and creativity. We also feature videos of popular children's stories and characters that children love and adore.

We understand that children come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, that's why we also provide multilingual contents to make it accessible for everyone. Our videos are also age-appropriate, making sure that younger children don't access content that is not suitable for them.

At BabyTube, we're dedicated to providing children in Bangladesh with a fun, safe, and healthy online space where they can explore, learn and enjoy. We invite you to join us on this journey, and we hope that you and your child will enjoy our platform.