About us

1- BabyTube is a safe, fun and educational video sharing site for kids and teens.

This is the first video sharing site based on a child-friendly app. In addition to the app, the service will also be available on the official website of BabyTube

2- Why BabyTube

Anyone of all ages can upload videos to this site. However, no video can be given on BabyTube that hinders the development of children. The reason for this is that every child should have safe internet access. Parents can also be confident. That is why there will be no harmful videos for children and teenagers in Babytube. There will be a full-time monitoring team in this regard. After verifying the video through the monitoring team, the video of the account holders will be available on the website only if it is acceptable. Videos of all categories can be uploaded. Such as sports, cartoons, studies, movies, dramas, games, songs, Islamic music, travel, blogs, technology, including child-adolescent videos can be uploaded in all categories. But they must be positive and fun for children.