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Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Adiba Sultana Alifa
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唳忇唳唳 唳灌Σ唰囙 唳唳唳唳班唳 唳唳 唳︵唳栢Μ唰囙Θ啷も潱锔忊湪

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Today I got my first achievement in BabyTube! It was great joy when I got the award for Best Baby Tuber! This could happen only for you guys, Thanks to ya'll for your support!

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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鈥 唳膏唳曕唳ㄠ唳 唳唰嵿唳距唳距Π唰嵿Ο
鈦`Ο唰 唳多唳多 唳唳唳粪唳 唳灌Σ 唳嗋 唳班唳む唳班
唳む唳 唳唳栢 唳栢Μ唳 唳唳侧唳
唳膏 唳唰熰唳涏 唳涏唰溹Κ唳む唳 唳忇,
唳ㄠΔ唰佮Θ 唳唳多唳唳 唳︵唳唳班 唳む唳 唳唳唰嵿Δ 唳曕Π唰 唳呧Η唳苦唳距Π
唳溹Θ唰嵿Ξ唳唳む唳 唳膏唳む唳唳 唳氞唰庎唳距Π唰囙イ
唳栢Π唰嵿Μ唳︵唳 唳ㄠ唳冟Ω唳灌唰,
唳むΜ唰 唳む唳 唳唳粪唳熰唳Ζ唰嵿Η 唳灌唳 唳夃Δ唰嵿Δ唰嬥Σ唳苦Δ,
唳夃Ζ唰嵿Ν唳距Ω唳苦Δ 唳曕 唳忇 唳︵唳班唳唳о唳 唳唳班Δ唳苦唰嵿唳距啷
唳膏 唳唳粪 唳唳澿 唳ㄠ 唳曕唳,
唳曕唳 唳灌唳膏, 唳曕唳 唳曕Π唰 唳唳︵ 唳む唳班Ω唰嵿唳距Π啷
唳嗋Ξ唳 唳曕唳ㄠ唳む 唳Θ唰 唳Θ唰 唳唳澿唳涏 唳膏 唳唳粪啷
唳唰熰唳涏 唳ㄠΔ唰佮Θ 唳氞唳犩 唳嗋Ω唳ㄠ唳 唳唳椸唳
唳Π唳苦唰-唳Δ唰嵿Π 唳唳 唳唳唳粪唳 唳多唳多唳
唳呧Ω唰嵿Κ唳粪唳 唳曕唰熰唳多唳Π唳 唳氞唳栢啷
唳忇Ω唰囙唰 唳ㄠΔ唰佮Θ 唳多唳多, 唳む唳曕 唳涏唰溹 唳︵唳む 唳灌Μ唰 唳膏唳ム唳;
唳溹唳班唳 唳唳ム唳唳む 唳唳Π唰嵿Ε, 唳唳 唳嗋Π 唳о唳唳膏Ω唰嵿Δ唰傕Κ-唳唳犩
唳氞Σ唰 唳唳む 唳灌Μ唰 唳嗋Ξ唳距Ζ唰囙Π啷
唳氞Σ唰 唳唳- 唳むΜ唰 唳嗋 唳Δ唳曕唳粪Γ 唳︵唳灌 唳嗋唰 唳唳班唳
唳唳班唳`Κ唳` 唳唳ム唳唳 唳膏Π唳距Μ 唳溹唰嵿唳距Σ,
唳 唳唳多唳唰 唳 唳多唳多唳 唳唳膏Ο唰嬥唰嵿Ο 唳曗權Π唰 唳唳 唳嗋Ξ唳
唳ㄠΜ唳溹唳む唰囙Π 唳曕唳涏 唳 唳嗋Ξ唳距Π 唳︵唰 唳呧唰嵿唰唳曕唳班イ
唳呧Μ唳多唳粪 唳膏Μ 唳曕唳 唳膏唳班
唳嗋Ξ唳距Π 唳︵唳灌唳 唳班唰嵿Δ唰 唳ㄠΔ唰佮Θ 唳多唳多唳曕
唳曕Π唰 唳唳 唳嗋Χ唰唳班唳唳,
唳む唳班Κ唳 唳灌Μ 唳囙Δ唳苦唳距Ω

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Lets Dance Fellows!

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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鈦ater is essential to life on Earth. In its three phases (solid, liquid, and gas), water ties together the major parts of the Earth鈥檚 climate system 鈥 air, clouds, the ocean, lakes, vegetation, snowpack, and glaciersoffsite link.
The water cycle shows the continuous movement of water within the Earth and atmosphere. It is a complex system that includes many different processes. Liquid water evaporates into water vapor, condenses to form clouds, and precipitates back to earth in the form of rain and snow. Water in different phases moves through the atmosphere (transportation). Liquid water flows across land (runoff), into the ground (infiltration and percolation), and through the ground (groundwater). Groundwater moves into plants (plant uptake) and evaporates from plants into the atmosphere (transpiration). Solid ice and snow can turn directly into gas (sublimation). The opposite can also take place when water vapor becomes solid (deposition).

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Here's a water cycle related science project by Alifa!

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Hi Fellows! It's me Alifa. So here I've a sketch. Hope you'll like it!馃槆

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Here's a canvas painting made by Alifa. Hope you'll like it.

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Here's a Robocar made by meh!

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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Flipaclip!! This a app for kids which will help the kids to make awesome animations. You can even time pass like as drawing馃檪

App link: 鈦

Adiba Sultana Alifa
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唳︵唳多Ξ唳距Δ唰冟唳距唰 唳唳侧唳唳膏 唳嗋Ξ唳距Ζ唰囙Π 唳︵唰熰唳む唳イ 唳唳傕Σ唳距Ζ唰囙Χ唰囙Π 唳溹Θ唰嵿Ξ唰囙Π 唳囙Δ唳苦唳距Ω 唳嗋Ξ唳班 唳膏Μ唳距 唳溹唳ㄠ啷 唳溹唳ㄠ 唳唳班 唳唳ム唳啷 唳多唳Ω唰佮唰嵿唰嬥唳距Π "唳溹 唳唳傕Σ唳" 唳曕Μ唳苦Δ唳距 唳唳熰 唳夃唰囙唰 唳唳曕唳む唳唳︵唳о唳 唳唳傕Σ唳距Π 唳︵唳唳 唳涏唳侧唳︵唳 唳唳班Δ唰嵿Μ唰囙Π 唳唳班唳距Χ 唳唰熰唳涏啷

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